This blog will no longer be ~active~.

It really hasn’t been for the last month or so but from this post on there will be absolutely no posts on this blog. I have gone back and deleted many of my previous posts, turned my ‘ask’ off and this is really the end of this. I have set up another blog which will be used -daily- however it will not be just for my rats. I’ve come to find out that I am sick of my dashboard, not because of the amount of rats always on it but the amount of shit I could honestly care less about. Homophobic shit, racist shit, sexist shit, etc. I’m even sick of seeing religion on my dashboard every other post, I have no problems with religious people but I feel like I’m suffocating in it because there’s so much every time I come on. Sure, it’s easy just unfollowing people and continuing this blog but truth be told I’d feel bad because I try to at least tolerate everything. Tumblr just isn’t fun when I’m constantly seeing things that I don’t really want to see. On top of that I don’t want to upload pictures of my rats all the time, which I feel is expected of me considering this blog is for -my rats- and of course my other pets; but lets be honest, when people look at my blog they do think it’s going to be 99% rats and new pictures all the time. I’ve never been able to handle people expecting things from me at the end of the day

So, if you still want to keep in contact or ask me questions about rats.. feel free to go to my new blog. Like previously stated, it will not be just rats. In fact rat pictures will only be posted if they’re excellent quality, which is quite hard to do. 

This is a link. 

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